Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AutoFresh Car Show Photos, Part 2 of 2. 2012 Corona, Ca.

   Back with part 2 coverage from AutoFresh. Like I said in the previous post, AutoFresh was a good mix of well built cars and just a couple of crap cans. Enjoy the following photos below and let me know what you think of the event. Did you attend? What are your thoughts on the Autofresh show? Where will you be showing next?

Gorgeous Chevy Corvette. 

 Not exactly sure what model Vette this is. Zo6 or other?

This Vette looks so sick from the rear. In my opinion it takes a car of this caliber to be able to pull off vertical doors.

Simple and very clean. Love this Infinity G35. Wheels are awesome too!


Dope little Civic hatch. wheels look great.

Sick offset on this VIP styled infinity.

I'm not sure what it is about Miata's I love so much.

What needs to be said? It's a GTR.

I'm really feeling the Mazda's right now.

1,2,3 Hella Stance!

Time for some Scion love!

XB row.

A few Scion's from Scion Image. I think?

Big bucks in this Chevy Tahoe. Wonder exactly how much?

This thing is way to flawless to have ever been driven. Wheres the fun in that?

Fa sho! I agree to the sentiment.

It is clean, not sure about them verts though.

Loving these blue wheels. 

Dang! Super close. I don't think I would risk serious carnage to make a statement. Would you?

Man I love Jose's Audi wagon. This thing is soo sick!

Even had a few donks show up. Woot-Woot.

This Viper is so sick, but the wheels are so not right.

Beast mode! Wow. Need to get rid of those wheels. Then it would be a total package.

Awesome VIP Lex.

Loving the wheels bro.

Sick M!

Dope HRE wheels.

Loved this VW wagon so much I had to re post It.


I'll end this post with this epic mkII Golf. Dang, so envious. Just awesome. Must be a heck of a drive with the VR6 swap. Well done my friend.

Can't go wrong with BBS's on a Golf.

Straight up track ready. Great interior.

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oomph. said...

that is one sweet corvette!

CONGRATS, btw!!! heard there's a bun in the oven!

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Anonymous said...

That grand sport is sick to death!!!

Phillip Allende said...

Ya that Vette was pretty insane. Super clean. Thanks for visiting.