Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Hurley Pro. Surfing Photos . Lower Trestles. San onofre state beach. kelly slater, kolohe andino, rob machado, conner coffin, adriano de souza, miguel pupo.

Time to hit you with the first day of coverage from the 2011 Hurley Pro. Being that the first day of the competition was on a Sunday, the turn out of spectators and fans was great. Surfers from around the globe made the trek to this iconic surf event. Located in San Onfre Ca, Lower trestles is one of the west coast premier surf spots. Day one of the Hurley Pro was full of action. With the small surf competitors were forced to go all out in order to get a descent score. Opposed to what many people would think, small breaks are much harder to score on. In order to score on small waves, surfers need to rely on their technical ability rather than power, speed and huge airs.

View of the Hurley Pro tents from the trail leading from the parking lot to the beach.

Entrance to the 2011 Hurley Pro.

Hurley in conjunction with Water 4 Waves is hard at work bringing communities and families in rural areas  fresh drinking water. With the innovative water filtration system designed by Jon Rose people now have the ability to easily filter non-potable water to fresh drinkable water anywhere in the world. More info available at Water 4 Waves

Dirty water on top travels down via gravity through the .1 micron filter. I don't believe It's meant for filtering  salt water though. Fresh water only!

Shot of the actual water filter.

Awesome, God bless Waves 4 Water.

Early morning shot from the second story media booth.

By 8:00am a crowd of photographers and spectators started to form.

 Health conscious breakfast of acai sorbet, granola and fresh organic bananas.

Adriano De Souza. Hurley media..

Chantal from Surfvibe.com doing what she does. SurfVibe Photography

Alejo Muniz. Hurley media..

Little white riding hood reviewing her photo's.

John-John Florence. Hurley media..

Miguel Pupo. Hurley media..

This shot looks like a Hurley catalog photo. I like!

Kolohe Andino. Hurley media..

Miguel Pupo. Hurley media..

Her fro caught my attention.

Rob Machado.

Joel Parkinson.

Jadson Andre.

Connor Coffin preparing himself before his battle.

Conner Coffin and his coach.

Conner about to hit the water.

Owen Wright

Life's a beach!

Late morning shot of the crowd.

Cool shirt!

Hurley flags waving in the wind.

Railroad and  spike trophy.

What they did here was paste posters to the wall, then they spray painted borders around the posters which makes them look like they were all hand painted.

Hurley team member doing some finishing touches.

Metro link that runs right behind the Hurley Judges booth.

Cool pelicans!

Hey birdie-birdie

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